Star Citizen Alpha 3.21.0 PTU.8761472 Patch Notes

Star Citizen Patch 3.21.0

Alpha Patch 3.21.0 has been released to the PTU, and is now available to test! Patch should now show: VERSION 3.21.0-PTU.8761472.

It is strongly recommended that players delete their USER and Shader folders for the Public client after patching, particularly if you start encountering any odd character graphical issues or crash on loading. The USER folder can be found (in default installations) at C:Program FilesRoberts Space IndustriesStarCitizenPTU. The Shader folders can be found here C:Users%username%AppDataLocalStar Citizen.

Audience: All Backers

Database Reset: Yes

Server Regions: US/EU

Long Term Persistence: Enabled

Pledge Copy: Enabled

Starting aUEC: 15,000,000

Testing Focus

New Jump Point Rest Stop Stations and Lagrange Points

New Legal/Illegal Mission: Retrieve Consignment

New Illegal Mission: Kareah – Steal Evidence

Repel Raid on Orison

New Crusader Platforms

Wheeled Vehicle Handling Improvements

Driver Remote Turret QoL Improvements

Known Issues

This build adds extra logging to track down issues with: Moving parts of stations can be invisible / not synchronized with visuals, leading to unavoidable ship collisions

Anvil Lightning F8C Executive Edition – PU – Vehicles / Art / GFX – Executive edition is missing textures and displays as grey Anvil Lightning F8C ALL Variants – Vehicles / Weapons – VMA – Some of the ships weapons are missing and cant be adjusted such as missiles and gimbal slots (Reopened)PU – Stanton – Jump Point – All Jump Points – Rest Stop (R&R) – Locations – The Patient Check In medical kiosks do not work and are stuck on “Checking availability” loading PU – Stanton – UI / Locations – Multiple Locations – Crashing in a restricted area will give you never lasting “Restricted Area” alerts PU – UI / Art / Graphics – Green Imperial Medical Regeneration Kiosks screen have no UI UI / Menus – Controls – Keybindings – The Default Preset Images for the keyboard and gamepad control schemes do not match what is bound by default PU – Locations / Vehicles – When spawning a ship at a Docking Port, the ship will spawn clipped into the docking port geometry MISC Hull C – PU – Vehicles – Can’t undock the Hull-C PU – Crusader / Orison – Locations / Transit – It’s possible for turn gates to not open preventing players from entering shuttles PU – Art – Items / Character / Textures – Multiple clothes / armor / undersuit variants lost color / using the default base color PU – Multivehicle – Vehicles / Ships / Ship Components / Weapons – Laser Repeater occasionally stops firing but still consumes ammo Hull C – Spawn / Cargo / LEO – Hull C with cargo can spawn extended in a large Hangar instead of Docking Port Stanton – Multivehicle – RSI Constellation Series – Ship Feature – Snub Ship clips through Constellation variants in vertical position when retrieved from ASOP PU – Stanton – Area18/GrimHex – Locations / Inventory / Respawn – Player loses loadout after dying in the armistice zone Stanton – Actor – Personal Inventory – Right click item interaction menu cannot be closed once opened PU – Stanton – AI / Locations – Combat AI will teleport / pop in combat Room System / Actor / Locations – Room System does not protect player actor from extreme weather conditions in Lorville Interiors Vehicles – Players and items can fall through the bottom deck of the Redeemer Reclaimer – Vehicles – Stanton – Reclaimer bridge elevator interaction missing Vehicles / GFX – Client FPS will drop as long as players are inside of the cockpit of the Drake Cutlass series The Carrack’s main elevator will get locked in place and begin to spin indefinitely after spamming the floors for a few minutes Landing Pads – Multivehicle / Shopping – Refuel, repair, and rearm services unavailable when landed Stanton – AI – Mission Giver – Wallace Klim is not visible at his location in Grim Hex

Feature Updates


Vehicle and Ship Improvements

Updated Nova Tank Ground Vehicle Handling. Greatly increased the nose health of the Gladius. Made Several Thruster performance changes and Fight Tuning changes for the P72. Polish Pass on Star Fighter acceleration decay.

Added F8C Lighting into all AC game modes

Ships and Vehicles

F8C Assets, Fuel tank, and Missile Rack Polish Pass

Bug Fixes

Fixed – Stanton – Multivehicle – Locations – Medical Bay Bed and Screen Obstruction in Hangars Fixed – PU – Stanton – Mission Feature – Defend – Defend mission does not start after arrival Fixed – PU – Stanton – AI – Social AI – Animation – NPCs that lean are facing the wrong direction when performing the animation Fixed – PU – Stanton – UGF – Mission Content / AI / Locations – Unconscious AI can prevent spawn closet doors from closing when inside them, causing no more AI to spawn Fixed – Stanton – Missions – Supply Re-Up – Drop off location for SLAM doesn’t appear to be working properly and wont complete the mission Fixed – PU – Stanton – Mission Content – Salvage – Player who accepts shared salvage mission will not have permission to be in salvage area Fixed – PU – UI / Art / Graphics – Green Imperial Medical Regeneration Kiosks screen have no UI


Fixed 2 Client Crashes Fixed 2 Server Crashes

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