Will we see advanced sim control support now that SQ42 is in the polish phase?

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I’ve wanted to see better integration into external flight sim panels for a while now and now with SQ42 being in the polish phase, I hope we get some ver when the game releases. “Extended hardcore flight sim controller support” was a stretch goal so I hope its still on the radar and I feel like this feature should be tested by fan before S42 to help be as flexible as it can be for when SQ42 releases. I hope to slowly build out my setup so I can have a nice setup for SQ42 release and having it beforehand on the PTU would make it easy to pre config everything so I can just fly right into SQ42 on launch. There is a need for this as ships controls get more complex because it would be nice to have modifiers depending on ship states and to be able to display info on your sim cockpit to free up the screen space can help with immersion.

What is currently missing? Granted there are issues with the bindings system but all flight panels I know of are recognized as USB game controllers and thus are supported by SC.

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