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I also use the bind that lets you use a single axis for absolute and relative throttle and the button to toggle between the two. When I’m trying to get out of a hangar I use absolute because I need the fine control, and when I’m flying normally the speed limiter is off and I toggle between absolute and relative modes. Then it behaves as if you had a speed limiter that you can set. But I came up with this scheme after an entire weekend experimenting, and while it mostly works I’m not sure if I’m Frankensteining the controls. @YogiKlatt-CIG you designed this, does that sound right or am I unknowingly exploiting a bug?

Also, would it be possible to add an indicator to the HUD to let you know if you’re in absolute or relative mode? The controls can be a little sluggish sometimes so you need to tap the mode switch a couple of times, and in the confined space of a hangar it can be nerve wracking to see your ship accelerating backwards as you frantically hold down space brake.

Edit: The idea of using the twist axis as fwd/back as if you were driving a bike is intriguing to me. It also makes sense on some level to have the left Y axis as up/down since that mirrors the right Y axis, and one usually needs more precision in the up/down axis than the forward/back one. It’s going to be painful retraining my muscle memory, but I think it’s worth a try.

Set a button to “Speed Limiter – On/Off (Hold/Toggle)” – this will allow you to temporarily turn off the cap on your speed and allow the ship to go as fast as it is capable

Set a button to “Boost” – This forces your ship as far toward its maximum cap that you currently have set

If you have a two-stage trigger, set the first stage to Boost and the second stage to Speed Limiter Toggle. Then when you need to really GTFO you can press the trigger all the way in and gun the engine.

There is no exploit, it’s just different ways to handle the throttle. That said I am not happy with having three sets of controls for just going forwardd/back, so we will likely rework that again in the future. It is super confusing if you don’t spend a lot of time with it … but really these settings came over from the S42 work so they did not get the full usability pass yet.

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