The Hunt is On – Find a license, claim your Anvil F8C Lightning

<font size=7>Happy Birthday Star Citizen!</font>

It’s Star Citizen’s birthday, and it’s shaping up to be our most epic yet. Today, we celebrate the incredible journey so far, and more importantly, all of you who have made this shared universe possible. From the solo Aurora pilot all the way to a fully crewed fleet, YOU are the reason we are all here today. As a toast to all of you, we’re unleashing something special: the most formidable solo heavy fighter in the ‘verse, the infamous Anvil F8C Lightning.

As originally conceived, for a player to secure one of these magnificent birds outside of Chairman’s Club rewards, they would first have to complete the upcoming Squadron 42. However, over the last few years, you salty scallywags and industrious ship hunters have proven adept at stealing and piloting F8s during their appearances at Invictus Launch Week. So, in a nod to your unofficial mayhem, we’ve decided to officially unleash this storm on the ‘verse. With CitizenCon coming on October 21-22, what better way to countdown to the big show than by bringing you some good old-fashioned, fun-filled action.

With that said, unless you’re a member of the Chairman’s Club with an F8 already snuggled cozily in your hangar, it’s not going to be easy to get your hands on one. You’re going to have to earn it by locating a special license, and once you get your hands on one, watch your back, this is gonna be the hottest ticket in the ‘verse.

Happy hunting out there, and remember to tune into CitizenCon in less than two weeks for updates on the status of Squadron 42 and of course, Star Citizen.

An extremely limited number of special licenses have been hidden across Stanton, and you have ten days to find one and claim it for a chance to secure the most formidable solo fighter in the ‘verse, the F8C Lightning. Beware though, as some of these prizes will put a huge target on your back, and nowhere will be safe when the entire system is looking to pry your license from your cold dead hands.

Happy hunting!


The Hunt Is On

Find a gold license and redeem it at any rental kiosk in Stanton
for a 24-hour F8C rental. What’s more, you’ll automatically
unlock the ability to purchase the formidable Lightning here
on this very page.

If you’re fortunate enough to snag one of these golden
tickets, you’ll get a confirmation email with more details


Catch Me If You Can

Find an extremely rare platinum license and you can
redeem it at Astro Armada in Area18, New Deal in Lorville,
or the Crusader Showroom in Orison to claim your F8C
(with LTI) for FREE! It’s not going to be easy though- each
platinum license will be carried by a Star Citizen developer
in-game, and the only way to get it is to take it from them.
Even if you manage to do this, it can be stolen in turn from
you, and as soon as you have one in your hands, players
across the server will be alerted to your location.
Better move fast.

Landing Complete

A livery for every occasion

During this limited-time Birthday event, pilots have the chance
to pick up a base F8C Lightning (Gold License) or base F8C Lightning
with the Platinum paint (Platinum License). These are available in
limited quantities, and will require participation in the in-game event.

Separately, two other versions of the F8C remain exclusive to
Concierge Tier Rewards:

• The Base F8C Lightning including the newly introduced
 Shock Wave Paint is exclusive to the Wing Commander
Concierge Level.

• The F8C Lightning Executive Edition is
exclusive to the Praetorian Concierge Level.

Learn more about the legendary fighter
from the designers themselves.

Find a Gold License

to unlock the Anvil F8C

Once you have claimed your gold license in game, return here to secure your F8C.

Happy Hunting!


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