Subscriber rework this week?

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I got an email on the 31st of October promising more information about a Subscriber rework this week. Sub flair is out, so is the sub ship. No rework info?

Edit: looks like some sub armor sets that had separate armor/helmets (Overlord & RSI) are now combined and they got a price hike. Scroll to the bottom to see some of the combined (and price hiked) armor sets – For reference, it used to be $7.50 for the overlord arms/legs/torso armor, and $5 for two helmets – so, $10 for a full set. Now they are $14. A full set of Rust Society (including an undersuit, unlike the overlord) cost $12.50, and now costs $14.

Still nothing about a rework in the November subscriber newsletter / email.

Hey folks – chatting with the team, it looks like a bit more time was needed for some of the upcoming updates. The current plan is to roll out some changes in next month’s update! Sorry for the confusion!

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