Star Citizen Alpha 3.21: Mission Ready – Tackle wild new challenges across the far reaches of the ‘verse.

With high risk comes great reward, so head into the ‘verse to tackle some of the most dangerous missions yet. From infiltrating abandoned bunkers to restoring peace to a once-idyllic city in the clouds, Alpha 3.21 introduces all-new escapades for pilots of every level. Plus, there’s the latest groundbreaking tech, updated features, quality-of-life updates, and much more.

CitizenCon 2953

Los Angeles Convention Centre, California, USA

CitizenCon returns on October 21 and 22 – if you’re heading to the LA Convention Center, we’ll see you there! If not, don’t worry, we’ll keep you updated with all the news, announcements, and presentations throughout the weekend.

Check out the CitizenCon 2953 page for all the details.

The Alpha 3.21 patch cycle debuts the Replication Layer split, which is vital to moving the Persistent Universe closer to a single shared environment between all players. This tech is a key milestone on the path to server meshing, Alpha 4.0, and beyond. 

The Replication Layer split will debut in the new Preview Channel that runs alongside the live servers and lets players experience the latest technology and backend developments before they migrate to the live service.

3.21 Referral Bonus

Cruise into Star Citizen Alpha 3.21 in style by referring a friend!

Starting October 19, 2023 refer a friend to Star Citizen and both of you will receive Consolidated Outland’s adventurous hoverbike, the HoverQuad, with Copperhead paint for free.

Find out more about the referral program here.

Fight for Victory in these Mission Ready Vehicles

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