Idea for possible future citcon events?

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Hey so in VRChat, most worlds have video players where you can input a link and watch a video together as a group. I was thinking an ingame feature thats SIMILAR would be neat. Obviously, people would abuse the video player if we had access to it, but if CIG could add something like that to the tv’s/ viewing screens ingame and only allow it access to star citizens twitch channel, that would be a super cool and fun way for those who cant attend Citizen Con in person to watch with our friends.

This could be used in ships that have viewing screens in the bunks and lounge areas like the back of the 600i. Also, for those lucky enough to have access to the mile high club/lounge thing, that would be a very neat exclusive area to have watch parties.

Just a thought.

In addition, i attend a lot of DJ sets within VR. Heres a video of an interview with one of the most popular dj/club owners/designers in VRC.

The King of the VRChat Underground (EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW) – YouTube

I have heard whispers here and there about a possible intent explore VR possibilities in this game. We already have “clubs” in star citizen and i was thinking it would be a neat addition for dj’s to be able to play their content at these scenes using similar methods while also growing their audience. It could even be monotized where dj’s would have to rent specific time blocks at clubs

We actually had a pretty big group meeting up in VRChat and watch the CitCon together.

We even created a custom world in a SC ship for this occasion. You can bet we will do this again next year.

So if that’s something you’re interested in join my discord. Link can be found on my profile.

Also i hope one day we will have this directly in SC. Who knows! But that would be hella dope!

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