I want to bring up attention to Gamepad support

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Ray Specter

Hello all. While we might dont have many people using gamepads right now, there are still amount of citizens who managed their way to set gamepad as a main control device over his avatar. I‘m one of them. It took me 6 month to get to more less convenient layout. I have to use 3rd party software, sensitivity adjustments outside SC settings and lots of mistakes along the way. Over time more and more people will try to play using gamepads and they eventually going to be disappointed. Gamepads are different from joysticks and need better layout, more sittings (especially for joysticks) , more detailed adjustments for keybinds. Do we have any progress on that?

Gamepad layouts are being overhauled for S42. When the work is done we’ll likely move it to the PU.

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