Halloween 2023 – Day of the Vara Returns

It was early in the morning on October 27 2557, when communications between the Rhetor system and an exploration vessel called the Vara mysteriously stopped.

Mere hours after the ship’s captain, Tisiphone Heptane, had sent her initial impressions of ominous ruined alien cities in the then-recently discovered Hades system.

Search and rescue teams dispatched the next day, along with countless expeditions since, failed to locate any wreckage or remains of the Vara.

Until now…

Could these chilling images actually be from the last transmission of the doomed Vara?

What unimaginable horrors did the crew encounter in the Hades system?

The haunting legacy of this phantom ship lives on today in public festivals adorned with black and green decorations and in private gatherings to honor the dead. Some celebrants dress up as people who have passed away, while others wear more outlandish costumes and swap scary stories, especially pertaining to mysterious incidents in space.

Join us as we revel in the thrills, chills, and malevolent mystery of the season. Don’t be scared now, we didn’t mean to frighten you prematurely.

Them Bones

Skeletons Invade Arena Commander

Femur? I barely know her! From October 19 until November 2, Arena Commander’s Gun Rush mode gets totally spooky and super scary as all the player models have been replaced with terrifying skellies! Got a bone to pick? Log in and sternum if you got ’em.

A Gruesome Twosome

New Ships Join Gang Green

The Corsair and Cutter join Drake’s mad monster party with Ghoulish Green paint schemes to match the rest of the gruesome gang. Pick up any and all of these altogether-ookie liveries before they return to the cursed alien dimension from whence they came.

Tricks n’ Treats

Find Scary Surprises All Over Stanton

Until November 1, players have the chance to get the jolt of their lives when opening loot containers across Stanton. Find the coveted Vanduul, Hill Horror, and Fieldsbury Dark Bear helmets and add them to your creepy collection… if you survive the shock that is. What’s more, players who manage to secure all nine horrific helmets (including both versions of Neville Lott and all six Dark Bear variants) will also earn a super scary Spectrum badge. 

Calling all Creeps

A Blood-Curdling Cacophony of Community Contests

Day of the Vara traditionally brings with it an offering of community contests and this year is no exception. Returning from the grave yet again is our fan-favorite pumpkin carving contest for you to sharpen your knives on, or you can take a crack at creating the scariest 60 seconds of machinima mayhem the ‘verse has ever seen.

Venomous Vessels

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