Galactapedia Update | October 31, 2023

Happy Tuesday!

We’ve recently added these articles to Galactapedia, and we can’t wait for you to check them out. This is also the place to discuss what was added this month, or to tell us what future entries you’d like to see.

Full Length Article:

Pyro system –

The volatile heart of piracy.

Short Articles:

Pyro I –

A high-pressure environment.

Monox –

Breathe at your own risk.

Akiro cluster –

A dense pack of asteroids.

Bloom – :

Not as verdant as the name suggests.

Pyro IV –

Something between a planet and a moon.

Pyro V –

A green gas giant.

Ignis –

Dotted with dry riverbeds.

Vatra –

Supports a nitrogen-methane ecosystem.

Adir –

Crusted with craters.

Fairo –

A seismic hotbed.

Fuego –

A yellow and black moon.

Vuur –

Hosts carbon-rich plant life.

Terminus –

The classic launchpoint of strikes on Ruin Station.

Ruin Station –

Hotly-contested crown jewel of Pyro.

Pyrotechnic Amalgamated –

Famously discovered the Pyro system, then went out of business.

Citizens for Pyro –

Law-abiding citizens with their eyes on the Pyro system.

Fire Rats –

Fanatic followers of Pyro’s sun.

Headhunters –

Consider themselves old-school criminals.

Rough & Ready –

Always ready to refuel your ship (or else).

Checkmate Station –

Home of Rough & Ready.

NOTE: There will be no images this month due to an ongoing issue. Once it’s fixed, images will be added.

Links are being added to the Pyro system article

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