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More like thousands, including Chris Roberts.

But hey how ’bout those VKBs, yeah?

I loved the way they f8cked up during that CitCon presentation on new flight mechanics…

No that is unfair, I would not put VKB at fault for that. I should have been s bit more careful with my wording on stage.

What happened: Initially we used one of the VKB omni throttles they had delivered for the event. That one did not register with the Windows usb controllers although lighting stated it was powered. We then decided to swap it out with Brent’s left handed VKB stick (with which he had trained for the event for weeks and which he had brought in just in case). Since the demo PC was nicely slid under that desk and hard to reach we did not however pull everything out but just disconnected the USB cable from the stick base and swapped it … and I am pretty sure that this was the mistake I did.

On Saturday night our group did another rehearsal and we went through the whole flow and the stick worked perfectly.

Until the demo on Sunday … given that our left stick used to work perfectly for weeks before and we did not swap out the USB cable or used another port on the PC AND a separate other throttle had not worked on the same port, I am pretty confident that the issues we saw during the demo are not VKB’s fault. Again the stick had worked without a hitch Saturday night so I did not have a reason to expect a failure here.

We could not check this further though … we all left after CC and I am pretty sure the demo PC is in the LA or Austin offices by now.

It was a perfect example on what can go wrong for a live demo and making sure that things work was my job. So blame me here, I did my learnings and will certainly have more backups next time.

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