Engine/Graphics Dev: Could we Have Counter Strike 2 Water Physics and Interaction? And Dense Forests/vegetations as KCD beta?

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Hey amazing devs!

I’m wondering whether it is feasible to have at least water interactions and fluidity as you can see in the link below in Counter Strike 2. Where even algae formation regenerates! The water has rainbow like effect near the shore too! Even if they faked (i don’t know), it looks very dynamic and physicalised!


I couldn’t find the link outside facebook reel, but I’m sure there are plenty of videos in youtube. Please do have a look at the one I linked!

Further Below a snippet video on how dense forests looks today in the Kingdom Come Deliverance BETA (2018) version with modern hardware in 2023. I think that’s the only game where i felt forests looked like forests!

Are these things (water interaction and fluidity and vegetation density) feasible by the engine you guys have right now?

Are these something you guys already consider or would like to consider or tackle in future?

Time ago i heard there were limitation due to mutiple shadowcasting etc. by the engine.

Would love to hear if these things are possible now in the engine or not possible at the scale of PU we have right now due to limitations!

Love hearing you guys explain!

Cheers 🙂


If you watched Citizen Con then I hope you have your answer now :slightly_smiling_face:

Official videos aren’t up yet, so apologies for the random link: https://youtu.be/clfWVY027Mw?si=lP59hSoal2fGiuQt

Ali Brown

Senior Director of Graphics and Procedural Tech

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