Crusader A1 Spirit – Forge the Future You Want to See

“Success at the cost of stepping on others isn’t success at all. An industry can be dominated by sheer force, it’s true, but treating an industry like an enemy will only lead to pyrrhic victories. Empowering those around you is the only true and clear path to sustainable prosperity.”

August Dunlow, Founder of Crusader Industries

Whether on patrol or lending tactical air support, the A1 Spirit’s bespoke ordnance system, with its payload of ten bombs, makes the ship a formidable deterrent as well as a potent defender. Its flexible design allows for a degree of improvisation that also marks the Spirit as a perfect everyday ship without sacrificing any of the functionality of a dedicated tactical vessel.

Dream Big

The design and feel of the Spirit series offer a

scaled-down facsimile of the massive ships that

put Crusader on the Starmap.

Dominate the Battlefield

Based on the Daisy Chain system used in the

iconic A2 Hercules, the compact Chaplet rig

utilizes twin racks with five-bomb payloads.

Warrior’s Edge

Tackle the most dangerous missions with

a rear-facing manual turret, front-facing

laser cannons, and dual missile racks.




The Intergalactic Aerospace Expo (IAE) is just around the corner, and in anticipation of the event, Crusader is offering a super-charged 10-year insurance policy on every A1 Spirit standalone ship pledge. 

In addition, every A1 Spirit pledge includes a complimentary white and blue paint scheme commemorating Crusader’s new look for 2953, assuring you’ll arrive at the Expo in true Crusader style.


Visit for details.


Visit for details.

Forge the Future

You Want to See


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