CitizenCon 2953: Co-streaming, Start Time, Giveaways

Hi everyone,

We’re only eight days away from our biggest CitizenCon yet, and we can’t wait to see all of you in Los Angeles October 21-22.

For those looking forward to experiencing CitizenCon from the comfort of your own home, we’re pleased to inform you that the entire show is safe for co-streaming. We’ve taken the necessary steps to ensure that all audio and music are authorized for re-broadcast, making it easy for you to enjoy and share the event.

We’d also like to confirm the live stream’s start time, which will be broadcast on our official Twitch channel. As many have seen, the first presentation will start at 11:00 AM Pacific. However, we’ll go live on Twitch at 10:00 AM Pacific with a countdown and pre-show.

Lastly, we’d like to encourage all of you at home to keep a close eye on our various Social Media channels, where you can expect several exciting giveaways and reveals.

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