Any Difference between “Toggle/Hold” and “Toggle, Hold”?

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In the Key Bindings area of the program’s Controls settings, several controls are labeled “Toggle/Hold” while others are labeled “Toggle, Hold”.

Is there any practical difference between the two, or are some of them just typos? If they DO mean different things could someone please explain? Thanks.

PS: The entire Options area needs a pass, it is confusing as hell and not intuitive at all. Much improvement can be made with little effort.

Well, “much improvement can be made with little effort” is sadly not true but I definitely agree that the option menu needs to be better. But it is in the works. :slightly_smiling_face:

Other than that when the label says , it is usually a combined binding … that means if you hold it for 0.25s it will count as a hold … if you release before that it will toggle.
In other cases where it says it means you need to hold the button down for the action to activate (meaning a state swaps as long as you hold the button down). If it says XXXX TOGGLE i action only toggles the state (e.g. swaps coupled on and coupled off).

So basically the labels should tell how you need to use that binding. Same for buttons that say long press or short press.

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