Alpha 3.20 – Arena Commander Updates

Alpha 3.20

Arena Commander Updates

Star Citizen Alpha 3.20 welcomes the largest update Arena Commander has seen since its creation. Below you’ll find all the details for the changes, improvements, and additions coming in the latest Star Citizen update, and this only marks the beginning. We’re all excited to unlock Arena Commander’s potential and bring it to new heights with each patch going forward. In the meantime, please share your feedback with us in the dedicated section on Spectrum. We hope you enjoy everything this update delivers!

Security Post Kareah

One of the new additions to Arena Commander from the Persistent Universe, Security Post Kareah will host all of Arena Commander’s game modes, both FPS and Dogfighting (except for Classic Race).

INS Jericho

Stanton’s INS Jericho debuts as the newest location for all dogfighting game modes in Arena Commander. This true zero-g open space environment has players face off with few distractions and high performance in the lightest of all our maps.

Winner’s Circle

Alongside the reworked New Horizon Speedway Maps comes a long-requested atmospheric map for dogfighting modes. Battle in the earth-like atmosphere above the beautiful planet Green, the 3rd planet of the Ellis System.


Face off the against the frigid winds that cover the mountains of the Euterpe Advanced Research Laboratories or bide your time and hope the weather clears. Whatever your choice, know that the Icebreaker takes no prisoners.

The Snake Pit

Weave around pylons, duck under cranes, and avoid precarious pipes in this abandoned mining facility as you strive to prevail over the Snake Pit and its venomous turns.

Yadar Valley

Out by the Garden on Daymar, this abandoned mining site nestled in rocky canyons will put your low flying skills to the test.

Miner’s Lament

Brave this eerie racetrack on the edge of Yela’s asteroid belt. Once the site of a tragic mining disaster, the forsaken machinery and floating derelicts of Miner’s Lament will now put your skills and your nerve to the test.

Halloran Circuit

This new track set up on the planet Green joins the New Horizon Speedway as its fourth track.

Unified Frontend & Lobby System

Electronic Access, Arena Commander, and Star Marine have merged under a single “Arena Commander” frontend menu. This new frontend, powered by Building Blocks, unifies the various simulation module brands and menus into a single easy to use interface.

Included in this significant refactor is a complete rewrite of Arena Commander’s lobby system, which now allows you to squad up with people directly from your friends or party list with new squad limits per game mode.

Spawning & Loadout Module Refactor

A rewrite of Arena Commander’s Spawning & Loadout Modules has the legacy code updated to modern standards.

Starting with a new spawn screen and loadout manager, this is the first part of a series of updates to how spawning & loadouts are handled in Arena Commander, laying the foundations for exciting new additions like in-game loadout customization, multicrew and spawn locations.

Gun Rush

Gun Rush is a free for all elimination-based game mode where the goal is to kill other players with each of the weapons available in the mode.

On round start, all players will begin with the same gun and upon eliminating another player will cycle to the next gun in the list. The first player to score an elimination with all of the weapons in the list wins!

Tank Royale

You and your tank battle it out for supremacy in this Nova-only free-for-all mode. Score points via eliminations and survive as long as you can!

Team Tank Battle

A variant of Squadron Battle, this only-tank mode pits your team of Novas against another, scoring points via eliminations.

Single Weapon Elimination

Single Weapon Elimination is a free for all elimination-based game mode where the goal is to kill other players with only the single allowed weapon of the gamemode. Players cannot use any other weapons and cannot customise their loadout to change it before or during the game.

Mirror Match

This variant of Duel mode pits you against another Mirai Fury pilot in a best of three dogfighting matchup. This mode locks you into choosing the Fury, truly testing the skills of each pilot given the same loadout.

Flight Model Changes

Master Modes splits your travel through space into two distinct speed groups. SCM allows shields, weapons, and high regeneration rates for your power capacitors, but you’re limited on top speed. NAV allows high speed but no shields, no weapons, and restricts capacitor regeneration. Changing between the two modes is not instantaneous.

This updated flight model is available to try on the Aegis Gladius for a limited time, so jump in and send us your feedback!

Endless Vanduul Swarm

Come nose to nose with a swarm of Vanduul Scavengers, Hunters, Alphas and the 7 infamous Vanduul Primes that ravaged humanity for decades. There may never be an end to this swarm; but how long can you survive?

Additional System and Balance Changes

Below, you’ll find a few more changes/additions we’re implementing in Alpha 3.20. As we mentioned above, this is only the beginning, and we’re looking forward to further revitalizing Arena Commander in each patch going forward.

Competitive Scoring

All competitive game modes now feature a new competitive scoring system where you are measured against the leaderboard rating of your opponent. Fighting the best pilot in the verse? You’ll get increased score depending on the difference in rating or on the flip side experienced players now receive significantly reduced score for killing new players.

Death Cameras

All game modes now feature new death cameras, which will follow your killer after death, giving you a better idea of the who, what and where.

Lobby Recovery

Introduced with the new lobby system, players who disconnect by any means from their lobby (be it in-game or forming on the Frontend) will now be presented with an option to recover your instance, reconnecting to your lobby and, if applicable, automatically connecting to the match they are in.

New Loading Screen Flow

Once you begin connecting to your match, you will first see a Game Mode loading screen. As soon as the map which you are connecting to is confirmed, you will transition to a loading screen specific to the map. This resolves a long-standing issue where loading screens would be inaccurate to the map you are loading into.

Pickup Balance

Ballistic pickups now award 100% of your ammo divided by the number of ballistic weapons (i.e. 4 ballistic weapons will receive 25% each upon pickup, while a single ballistic will be fully restored). Ballistic Pickups now also award Countermeasures.


Resolved an issue that caused some medpens to heal approximately 3% health. Alongside this change we have made a number of quality-of-life improvements to Medpens overall including that once healed you will automatically switch back to your weapon and you should now automatically discard empty medpens among other quality of life and bugfixing.

Objective UI & Scoreboard Updates

The first of a series of updates to the scoreboard was added, including a minor visual update primarily for team-based game modes. This now shows team names, logos and rounds won.

Lethal Takedowns

You can now hold the takedown button to perform a lethal takedown, regardless of having a knife. Tap the takedown button to perform a non-lethal takedown.

Entitlement Refactor & Communal Vehicles

A refactor of how entitlements and free vehicles/equipment are handled in Arena Commander. This should provide a faster and more stable experience when using or renting vehicles and equipment. We’re introducing a “Communal” concept, which allows us to grant players vehicles or equipment on a per-game mode basis without the overhead of the entitlement systems. These communal vehicles are free to all players but non-customizable; however, in most cases if the player already owns the vehicle, they will be able to utilize their vehicle with full customization (though some game modes may purposely limit customization).


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