@YogiKlatt-CIG your own words in the MM ISC video does not describe the same game that CR pitched us.

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With due respect, @YogiKlatt-CIG You said you need our “input so we can work together on this space combat game.”

Watching the latest videos announcing the salvage missions, distribution centers, now MMs, and many more it seems that this is nothing but a SPACE COMBAT GAME, and in your own words that is exactly where it is heading it seems.

I don’t care for PVP, but I am not against it at all, nor am I against piracy or aggressive NPCs that pirate and thrill kill or whatever.

But the diverse universe that CR pitched us where players would all have their place and be able to enjoy the game has all but disappeared in the last few years as it has appearing to be moving toward being a “space combat game” with videos released before any new content showing how hostiles and combat is going to be forced on players in the new missions.

Throw PVE players a bone every once and a while, and at least attempt to make it look like we have something to look forward to besides being content for PVP.

Thank you.

Video is time stamped to just a few seconds before the game is called a combat space game.

I can only add to what RichT already said, we are always thinking about the game overall and not just about combat, but when we get together for these ISC’s we have a particular angle to tackle in a short space of time and this one happened to be around Combat, Master Modes, the targeting rework, but even Master Modes itself isn’t just about the combat experience and we as a team are always mindful that it is just one aspect of the game. We are constantly in healthy debates as a team about the wider flight model experience and what we want to bring to SC in the future.

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