@YogiKlatt-CIG your own words in the MM ISC video does not describe the same game that CR pitched us.

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It would be really nice to get a short run-down of how you guys expect non-combat ships to be affected by MM, as that hasn’t really been addressed. Obviously, a Gladius should expect to win a fight against a Prospector.

But what tools might that prospector have to avoid or run from a fight? Will it’s NAV mode transition be faster? Will it have longer range sensors to detect threats earlier? Will it gain an extra chaff launcher? Or is the only answer to bring a friend (NPC or otherwise) to watch your back?

I think a lot of the complaints from the community have probably come from the complete radio silence. We don’t necessarily need details as those are in constant flux, just what the overall for how civilian ships are expected to operate within this new paradigm. I’m not trying to make a judgement on anything here, just trying to plan the industrial side of the game accordingly.

This is a really good point and it’s something we’ll take onboard for future ISC and SCL, we’ve talked a little bit about this in previous videos but not really gone as far into as we have with the general combat angle.

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