With the introduction of Master Modes, has there been any consideration to removing the auto-aim?

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A lot of people are mentioning that it is too easy to land shots in master modes, and I tend to agree, to an extent. I feel like it is less about the game being dumbed down via lowering of speed but more to do with us still having the auto-aim built into our weapons. I believe the purpose of that auto-aim was to help with the increased speeds we have under the current flight model. Do you perhaps think it is time to remove or change it? I also feel like it is stepping on the toes of gimbals.

I am all about the convergence, no issue with that. But the “magnetism” seems a bit out of place now. Love the higher weapon velocities too.

Thank you!

We’re not set on the aim assist values yet. Personally I am not a big fan of reducing the aim assists too much because it will encourage players ask for faster rotational accelerations so they get more pixel accuracy … which then turns the combat model from flight centric to aim centric. But we’re happy to try out more variations of this.

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