Why this very weird flight model change in Arena Commander?

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Danakar Endeel

Forgive me for sounding ignorant but are you guys now applying balance based on the lowest common denominator and in doing so limiting the controllers with which SC was meant to be played (ie. HOTAS/HOSAS)? If so, why?

Everybody knows that gamepads are a very limited control device so why must HOTAS users be punished/limited just because some people want to play a PC game with an inferior device? :confused:

No, we are not. We wanted to get rid of those excessive G-advantages for a while now as they play havoc on balance and we want to very precisely control what the maximum performance envelope of every ship is. Removing trichording-advantages just has the positive side effect that it makes the game more controller agnostic. Most gamepads I would still regard as inferior as they usually come with 4 to 5 axes whereas SC is a 6-DOF game.

And it doesn’t change the way how SC is played with inputs devices at all. You can still strafe in all directions and trichord, all we are capping is that g-advantage. Doesn’t change a thing on the input level really … but it does good things for the rest of the game like lowering the skill floor for PVP or making ship differences more meaningful.

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