Why can’t we choose a map in AC??

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We wanted to train racing together in AC with my girlfriend and we can’t make private matches anymore nor choose the map.

Is it planned to come back?

With the AC3.20 update we experimented allowing map selection in Online play during Evocati/early PTU, we learnt the current matchmaker takes the selection as more of a “preference” which it only takes into consideration if there are _zero_ matches active, the matchmaker will always try to put you into a match that requires more players. Perhaps when we update our matchmaker we’ll explore this option again. But good news, like @UdonMan mentioned Custom Lobbies (aka Private Lobbies) will come with the option to select map which will help in instances like yours!

Should note that Map Selection is enabled for Offline play, so if you want to go check out or practice on a specific map that’s your best bet! (if you dont mind playing solo!)

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