Why Argo SRV, a key-feature ship for 3.22, is broken and forgotten now?

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We cannot tow ships in QT. We cannot use SRV for loading cargo or gentle towing, its more like pulling the rope without any control.

80% of animations and interactions broken, like animation of closing landing gears, or extended tractor “hand” all time. Its just broken and unplayable ship.

Why you hate this ship, CIG? Where is usability of ship from concepts?

Concerning the quantum towing, it’s already on the todo list to check what’s going on. The quantum towing was likely affected by the MM ship conversion. I currently don’t know right now, it might be a specific relationship between the MM tech, operator modes and the way how the tractor beam is controlled. I vaguely remember that this topic came up half a year ago but it was supposed to be included in the internal testing but with the sheer amount of stuff that had to be done for 3.23 we likely forgot to check that specifically. It doesn’t really matter though, it will get fixed anyways.

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