Who are the most famous in-universe racers?

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Hi all! Was recently talking with some friends about this. I love that we have the racing community represented in-universe. Was wondering if there was any lore regarding famous in-universe racers. Curious if there are any non-human racers that have lore attributed to them, as well.

Thank you for all you do! o7

Hi @AbdiYohan –

We answered your question in this installment of Loremakers: Community Questions (https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/spectrum-dispatch/19668-Loremakers-Community-Questions). Adding our answer here too so it lives in this thread. Thanks for the question!

Answer: We’ve established a number of famous racers within the lore. Below are a few we’ve mentioned along with their accomplishments.

Gotlieb Yorm won the 2817 Murray Cup Blitz but is now best remembered as the namesake of the racing focused component brand Yorm. An eccentric figure who first made a name for himself in Baker’s underground racing circuit, Yorm became famous in 2814 after racing completely nude, claiming that clothes were an unnecessary weight. Forcing Murray Cup officials to establish a rule that all pilots must wear flight suits for safety reasons.

Arena Commander aficionados should recognize the name Ian Rikkord, who won the inaugural Murray Cup in 2479. Rikkord Memorial Raceway is named in his honor. In 2492, Terra McConoway was the first female pilot to win the Murray Cup. She then became the first repeat winner with her victory in 2495. McConoway would retire with seven wins to her name, making her the most decorated Murray Cup champion to this day. Dax “The Hax” Emmelmann became famous for both his 2731 win and for setting a new speed record in the process thanks to his Aurora’s heavily modified thrusters. Fabis Capaldi famously won the race in 2798 despite suffering from Rauk’s syndrome. More recently, Hypatia Darring gained notoriety for her exciting come from behind victory in 2934, and became even more famous when a fictionalized account of her win became a bestselling book called The Cup. Finally, Zack Hugh became known to even non-race fans when following his Murray Cup win in 2942 an amateur racer crashed into and killed Hugh’s during his victory lap. The tragedy sparked a rules change to how pilot’s qualified for the race.

Some famous alien racers include Banu Issigon Ado, the first non-human to not only compete but win the Murray Cup in 2553. Ado’s success popularized the race amongst non-humans. They won a second Murray Cup in 2558 and were leading the 2559 race when their starboard engine exploded during the final lap. An official investigation deemed it an accident but many race fans still question the claim. In 2940, a young Xi’an nyahuoaōng (one who renounces all familial and financial support for a chance to live the life they want) named Shrin Vaatu won the Murray Cup and courted controversy by dedicating his victory to the UEE.

While most of the current racing lore is built around the Murray Cup, there’s some exciting areas to expand it. The addition of Wildstar Racing to the game is one such opportunity. We used their introduction to the game to specify that in the early 2800s Zem Kolto gained fame as the first racer from the Wildstar circuit to make it to the Murray Cup. Plus, we’ve established the Xi’an’s love for the Koa e Ko’ia, “holy, distance race”. Though we have yet to specify any prominent pilots, the endurance race is growing in popularity within the UEE.

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