When can we expect Arena Commander private lobbies to return?

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Delta-One Jokaero

Been waiting for the return of Private matches for -years- at this point and now with Multicrew up and in the PTU I don’t see the option and it makes me sad, Personally I feel like private lobbies should have been an equal priority and shipped at the same time. But that might just be me. But I don’t want to have to deal with the logistics of the Verse just to let new players get their feet wet with Org Scale operations.

The goal was indeed to deliver both Custom Lobbies and Multicrew at the same time but Custom Lobbies simply needed more time. With CitizenCon and a rather chaotic surrounding months out the way we have now brought Custom Lobbies into the polish phase; however, it came a little too late for QA to have enough time to properly test it before 3.22’s Go/NoGo deadline so we dropped it from the deliverables. Once we’re confident of its release we’ll communicate it!

@Camural it was mentioned there to inform people of the change in name, for those that missed us talking about it in SCL.

Hopefully y’all enjoy Multicrew and all the other goodies we have in 3.22 that you’ll learn about soon while we continue work on Custom Lobbies.

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