What’s up with the Idris missile room?

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This is more or less following up today’s ISC which left me with a head scratcher. How come the missile room is so elusive?

It wasn’t shown on ISC and the room is locked in-game when players get their hands on the ship. What’s so important about that room that you have to keep it closed and hidden from players? Does it have the colonel’s secret recipe for KFC? Does it contain the original theatrical release of Star Wars?

Even over the years as the Idris layout has been either datamined, leaked or otherwise players have gotten their eyes on the ship the missile room has always been this sort of void. It’s never been accessible.

In all seriousness, I’m genuinely curious as to why this room is hidden. Is it simply not finished? Waiting on a piece of tech before it can be fully implemented? Are you still going back and forth on having a reloading missile turret?

Are there any insights you can share about this room? Anything interesting that’s been worked on, discussed and even partially implemented?

It’s where we keep our lifetime supply of Big Benny’s

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