What was the relationship between Messer Regime and the various unions/guilds such as the URW and ITG?

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In our past and present many authoritarian governments, in their pursuit of keeping those in the working class oppressed, have chosen to significantly weaken or dissolve any existing guilds and unions.

In Star Citizen Lore we have organisations such as the United Resource Workers (est. 22nd century) that have fought for workers’ rights for centuries before Ivar Messer installed himself as the first Imperator of the UEE. How did he and his successors deal with them and vice versa?

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We answered your question in this installment of Loremakers: Community Questions (https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/spectrum-dispatch/20013-Loremakers-Community-Questions). Adding our answer here too so it lives in this thread. Thanks for the question!

Answer: The Messer regime definitely used their power and authority to control and influence unions and guilds across the UEE. One example established in lore involves the Interstellar Transport Guild (ITG). Founded in 2391, the ITG fought and defended hauler’s rights for over a century before Ivar Messer came to power. Yet, the guild came under fire in the early 2690s when haulers in Terra filed a series of lawsuits that exposed a massive corruption scandal where ITG officials secretly funneled member dues to pro-Messer political candidates and organizations.

This subversive influence of the ITG illustrates how the Messer regime probably dealt with most of the major, established unions. Allowing entrenched pro-worker organizations to exist and operate provided their members the illusion of power. In reality, Messer sycophants and spies would infiltrate or be installed into these groups to monitor and control their actions. Then, during some particularly dark periods, guild members classified by the regime as ‘agitators’ would be offered special jobs, or simply easily tracked, only to ‘disappear’ or fall victim to some unfortunate fate.

While it was advantageous for the Messer regime to keep legacy unions around, they also used their influence to crush groups trying to establish themselves. Many of these new labor organizations had their origins in or around Terra. To keep them from spreading, the Messer regime went on the offensive in both overt and covert ways. They banned certain organizations by labeling them as fronts for gangs or the Xi’an. On the secretive side of things, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of 2806 exposed that the regime threatened to reduce the government contracts awarded to major companies, like Aegis and CDS, if any of their operations worked with these newer labor groups.

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