What is happening to Hull C gameplay?

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I see a lot of interesting things happening to salvage these days, with continous iterations in order to make the gameplay interesting, and it seems focus has moved on from the cargo refactor we had a little while back. While it is nice to make credits for sitting still (either in qt or in the cargo loading/unloading area), it is hardly good gameplay.

With the $150 bump in price, I would have thought the Hull C was due something a little bit more involved. Any devs or people “in the know” who would care to shed some light on the topic?

We are planning Hauling missions to add more content, however for cargo we have been focusing on the very large changes up coming for freight elevators, persistent hangars, and more. If you watch the cargo career ISCs you will get the info on that. This isn’t the end for the Hull C ships, but we also have to balance with broader initiative.

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