What are thrusters in Star Citizen? How do they actually work?

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Sounds like a weird question I know, but this has been one of those things that has sort of bugged me about Star Citizen ships.

What are thrusters? What generates thrust? Do each individual MAV generate its own independent thrust? Or does it come from one centrally located place on the ship?

Does the powerplant just generate electricity and then the thrusters generate their own thrust?

Where, what, and how does the Hydrogen in our ships get…burned?

The reason I’m asking is because I’m trying to understand how, and if swapping thrusters will make sense in the game.

Like for instance, will I be able to stick Star Runner thrusters onto my Retaliator or something? Are we going to be able to tractor beam them off the same way we pull powerplants and shields?

So, if someone wants to break this down, I’d be interested in having this explained.

I’d offer a counterpoint to thrust, but it would be a drag. Carry on!

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