We need a save feature for the new coming character creator

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Actually it is already annoying to create your character new after every character reset. With the new editor it would be even more annoying to recreate your old character exactly as it was. So please give us a save feature so we can simply load the old character in and continue.

Hey @Blizado and everyone!

I’ve been directing the team working on the feature and was the one demoing it today at the show.

We DO have a save feature :slightly_smiling_face: Its how we can move those characters into game very easily right now.

We export internally something called a “CHF” file which is ultimatley a combination of the DNA string (which defines the geometry/blends) plus it adds all the customization options applied (hair, eyes, colorings etc…).

What we haven’t done is put it into the UI as its a “dev mode” feature on our imGUI interface, at this second. We FULLY intend to ship this with a save, export and better yet SHARE functionality.

Just wanted to clear that up and hopefully you can spread the word, in hindsight I absolutely should have mentioned this in the demo and I apologize that I didn’t.

See you in the ‘verse

-Sean Tracy

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