VJoy input warp caused by new rotational IFCS system

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As requested by @YogiKlatt-CIG , I’m using this post to document some issues with the way that the current VJoy input system interacts with the IFCS changes on ships with asymmetrical pitch and yaw.

The issue (persists as of Master Modes 3.22.1 EPTU):

VJoy is not an absolute indicator of direction with the new rectangular IFCS system, because the input is still a square. When you put your VJoy in a corner (45), your ship is biased towards pitch. Instead of moving 45 degrees off-pitch, it is close to 20 or 30 degrees. The result is that your nose is pulled away from where you positioned your mouse, and aiming feels “warped”.

This issue in the current EPTU build of Master Modes manifests as the nose changing direction on its own as rotational velocity increases. At first, VJoy is relatively absolute indicator at a 45 degree angle, but as you increase to about 60-70% of rotational velocity at a 45, the rotational vector diverges from the input and begins to pitch up.

Here is a short clip of the moment where the nose begins to change direction:

The more that rotational velocity increases in the 45, the more that your ship pitches up. This warp makes aiming very, very uncomfortable on VJoy, as if the nose of the ship has a mind of its own. It is not just an issue with the visual indicator, it’s an issue with the mouse inputs themselves. Even if the indicator were removed, the aim warp would still persist and mouse inputs would still not have a linear correlation to nose direction.

It is disorienting, and after long periods of playing I find myself exhausted and motion sick as a result. I know that issue specifically is what’s causing the discomfort, because in the previous iteration (where 45 was equal in rotV to pitch), MM actually felt very nice to fly in and I was able to train for hours on end without any problems.

Mmmh … fair point, that’s based on the input shape being a square whereas that is not necessarily the case for the pitch / yaw space of the individual ship. We’ll think about what to do with it.

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