Valentine’s Day 2024 – Love, loss, and test-flights

Coramor 2954

The universe is a daunting place, brimming with unavoidable danger,
unfathomable weirdness, and violent confrontation. But taking on this
savage galaxy is a little less scary when you’re doing it with someone
you love.

This Coramor, don’t rush headlong into the action alone. Grab your sweetheart,
best bud, or most trusted coconspirator, get strapped up with special edition
guns, armor, and ship paints, and take on the star system together.

Arena Commander Duo Showdown

It Takes Two to Tango

Grab an accomplice and log into Arena Commander for some jolly cooperation in this all-new 2v2 dogfight competition. Prove your partnership is better than the rest and earn an in-game limited-time Coramor Challenge Coin.

Lovestruck All Over Again

Love gets practical

Inspired by the traditional colors of Coramor, slap the Lovestruck paint scheme on your Argo workhorses and instantly heat up any jobsite, excavation, or rescue operation. And if you’re looking to reconnect with an old fling, previous years Lovestruck paints and vehicles are available to pick up for a limited time.

Anything for Cora Armor

Protect yourself

Brave the most dangerous corners of the ‘verse in your quest for love (and look dead sexy in the process) with two new Coramor themed armor sets.

First Date in the ‘Verse

Community Contest

Where would you go, what would you do, and what would you wear on a first date in Stanton? Screenshot your Coramor rendezvous for the chance to win some steamy prizes.

Fly Free

This Coramor

Whether it’s an exciting new romance or reigniting an old flame, from now through February 15, you can test-fly five iconic ships for free – the Nomad, 100i, 400i, Scorpius, and Prospector.

Featured Ship Packs

Visit for details.

Limited-Time Lovestruck Paints

Visit for details.

Coramor Armor

Visit for details.

Heart-Warming Hulls

RSI Store promotion. Visit for details.





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