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Hey @Silvan-CIG,

Really appreciate the continued support on ultrawide issue. Wanted to ask about the UI elements like Party Member Names that take up massive portions of the screen on Ultrawide. In my included image it may be hard to see but this issue persists even up to almost point blank range where I am

basically point blank on 5 ships here including a C2 and am unable to see anything behind the Party name cards which I can’t turn off for whatever reason. My setup is 7680×1440 and This is the view of the middle 2560×1440 monitor of the 3 on my machine where it can be observed taking up half the monitor just for nameplates. This is the same behavior with any UI elements using this underlying mechanic including quantum beacons. Was wondering if there would be a way to scale these or turn them off in the future to support the ultrawide life.

This is the same view in 3rd person just rotated slightly.

This is the view of a player on regular 2560x1440p resolution seeing the same cards from point blank.

I’m hoping the incoming UI changes will help as well but just wanted to get your input on the way things look or maybe insight onto a command or something I can use to set the UI elements to be smaller. As always thanks in advance for your help and We love you :heart:

Hey! The new markers are already being worked on / already in SQ42 and will come to the PU eventually. They should hopefully resolve this issue once and for all. If that’s not the case once they drop please ping me again and i’ll make sure it gets fixed.

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