Trim not working as expected / updating trim does not work

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I was testing the “TRIM” functionality after reading it from @YogiKlatt-CIG in the following response:

From my observation the basic functionally “setting the relative position of the stick and then releasing it” works… but updating the TRIM does not.

What I would expect (and how it is working in helicopters in DCS) is that if I have a trim set and pull back the stick a bit to get slower and update the TRIM that it would use that as the new setting. Instead in star citizen the ship will then fly backwards because when setting the new trim it does not take the current set trim position into consideration.

Is that how it should work? In that case you don’t need a release button since you could simply press the set button while the stick is centered.



Haven’t checked it for a while, will take a look once we branched out 3.22.

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