Toilets and the cutlass series.

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Well, I have seen people talk about why the B doesn’t have one, that its not needed. But I see where you’re going, CIG. Waste transport missions

Absolutely, I am here for this gameloop. and like the Vulture before it we need the right ship to spearhead the gameplay loop – something that is specialized!

My proposal is simple. The Cutlass Brown.

paired with 4 T3 toilets (T1-4), one T1 (T5) Toilet, greywater and clearwater storage paired with a healthy complement of sinks, a docking collar and in the crew cabin, the turret access is replaced by a janitorial closet. we would be able to collect and process waste in hard to reach locations in every corner of the UEE


Giving the poop-deck a new lease of life in the 30th century. I like it. Extra points for creative ship names for the Cutlass Brown.

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