To A Fallen Comrade

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On January 4th, we lost a valuable member of our organization due to a seizure. He was the co-founder of The Devil’s Brigade [TDB]. Terence Latimer, age 57, was a Gulf War veteran, a loving dad, and a gamer. He had many talents and interests, and he left a lasting impact on many people. As a Gulf War veteran, he served his country with honor and distinction. He showed bravery, selflessness, and dedication to his comrades. He made many sacrifices to defend our freedom, and we owe him our gratitude for his service. As a loving dad, he was an inspiration and a guide to his children. He taught them the importance of hard work, perseverance, and kindness. He was always supportive of them, no matter what, and he loved them unconditionally. As a gamer, he was enthusiastic about exploring new worlds and experiencing new adventures. He enjoyed the challenge of solving puzzles, defeating bosses, and mastering new skills. He was always ready for a good game, and he liked sharing his passion with others. Terence Latimer was an exceptional man who influenced the lives of many. He will be remembered for his courage, kindness, and sense of humor. He will be missed, but he will never be forgotten.

Rest in peace, dear friend. You will always be in our hearts and our memories.


Please accept my sincerest and heartfelt condolences for your loss, and may happy memories of your friend comfort you during this sad time.

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