Time to Blow the Whistle: Alien Starfighter Pilots, you are being CHEATED!

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Good Afternoon Citizens of the Empire, allow me to introduce myself as Sion “Dysonian” Lanning. Since 2801, the Lanning family and our constituents have been avid investors and supports of the Xi’an-Human technology exchange. Our family has backed and been involved in several major achievements, which include but are not limited to:

Supporting the MISC technology exchange and sharing schematics of the Hull series heavy hauler with engineers from the Xian empire.Declassification and production of civilian variants of the Xi’an Imperial Navy’s Khartu’Al light scout and Santok’yai medium fighter.Supporting House Gatac’s entry into the UEE industrial market and it’s successful launch of the Syulen multi-role vessel.Coordinating engineering efforts with MISC’s Mirai performance branch and Xi’an engineers for the development of the small scale Fury. This also includes work on “Project Megafury,” which aims to introduce human/alien hybrid fighter technology to answer the currently open contract to replace the aging Aegis Vanguard series.

My personal believe is that the future of starflight technology lies in the merger of human and Xi’an engineering. Xi’an omni-thruster technology and gravlev breakthroughs are essential in our pursuit of the next generation starship that will take us beyond the limits of the Jump Point. Unfortunately, not everyone shares this vision. There are those out there that still believe that the Xi’an cold war is not over and despite centuries of peace, still do everything they can to sabotage our unshakable relationship with the houses of the Xi’an empire.

These problems have been very apparent in recent discoveries made in the evaluation process that the UEE uses in order to screen military starships and convert them for civilian use. The Lanning family, MISC representatives, Esperia partners, and Xi’an house representatives have launched an independent inquiry into some very controversial changes that have occurred in the screening process and configuration of converted military to civilian ships. By interviewing over 470 engineers and 286 starfighter pilots from all walks of life -both Xi’an and Human, we have irrefutable proof that the conspiracies that you have been hearing about in the shadows are true:

Alien starships are being artificially limited in their performance for the purpose of elevating the status of competing human ships.

Our findings are most prominent in the review of avionics modules and controls systems for the patch 3.20 systems and later. We sampled and reviewed avionic systems of over 121 Khartu’Al scout craft that exist both within the civilian market today as well as those freshly coming off of the assembly line at Aopoa ship yards. Of the 121 Khartu’Al vessels that we reviewed, 83 of these vessels were released to the human market. Of the 83, 72 have been upgraded with the mandated 3.20 avionic modules and flight control system safety patches.

We discovered that all 72 upgraded Khartu’Al vessels had human code written into the flight systems and avionics modules that placed artificial limiters on the performance of the ship. These values are below:

When we interviewed Aopoa engineers about these flight system changes, they were baffled and noted that not only are these limiters overly constrictive and below allowed civilian model performance ranges, they are also unsafe as they greatly reduce the performance and reliability of the vessel. We had 5 Xi’an imperial Navy pilots test post patch Khartu’Al ships vs. unpatched ships that freshly rolled off the assembly line and were not tampered with by human conversion engineers. We discovered that the Xi’an assembly line ships functioned as intended, while those with the 3.20 flight system updates flew “slower than a pregnant stormwhal.”

These changes are highly suspicious considering that they were applied without the permission of Aopoa engineers, are against safety specs of Aopoa, and were inserted as part of the human controlled segment of the Xi’an military to civilian conversion program. In researching several engineers that were a part of the UEE conversion process, we discovered that 33% of the conversion engineers had sympathetic ties to Xenophobic groups such as Xenothreat. These connections were gleaned from social media and the spectrum groups that these engineers were affiliated with. These changes were also put in place right before the IAE and injected into trial starships meant to showcase Aopoa technologies, which is akin to corporate sabotage. Another point of suspicion is that these changes were introduced to the flight system prior to the Imperator mandated “Master Modes” navigation model that will soon set new standards for these ships. It is alarming that such a change was implemented right before the largest Aerospace Expo and before a major navigation system requirements change.

In interviewing Esperia engineers, we also discovered that the Khartu’Al was not the only ship that was targeted by this “Malicious Compliance.” We also sampled 51 Esperia Talon replicas, with 38 of them being upgraded with 3.20 post flight model firmware. These ships also had a significant artificial performance limit put in place:

A screenshot of our findings is below:

In an interview with Esperia engineers, they stated that these were not the intended performance values of the replica and like Aopoa, were completely unaware that these limiters were being put in place as part of the conversion process.

In addition to the above, we have also found that the 3.20 firmware upgrades favored human combat fighters through undocumented changes. We sampled over 93 Anvil Aerospace F7C Hornets and F7C-M Super Hornets. We discovered that the acceleration values within the 3.20 flight systems conveniently “forgot” to place the civilian required limits on their Wen-Cassel engines. This allowed the F7s to have military grade acceleration performance that matched that of the F7A UEEN military vessel. We found that military to civilian conversion requirements that are specific for this craft specifically call for lower acceleration values. Many of the engineers that had a hand in the software development of the 3.20 UEEN F7A Hornet flight systems and the conversion process to F7C were the same ones that have ties to Xenophobic groups.

What we are seeing here is an absolute travesty and miscarriage of UEE justice. It should be noted that Lanning and associates have directly forwarded our findings to representatives of the Xi’an empire. It is our hopes that proper UEE authorities correct these issues immediately, and hold those that were responsible for these performance limiters accountable.

An unusual way to phrase feedback, but as an RP enthusiast, I appreciate the extra effort.

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