This Month In Star Citizen

This Month in Star Citizen

Star Citizen Alpha 3.22.0a was just released and there’s more excitement lined up for the next month! February is filled to the brim with thrilling content, both in the ‘verse and out, so we wanted to bring you up to speed. Read on…

Siege of Orison

Join the Civilian Defense Force today! Head over to the once idyllic Orison and fight back against the Nine Tails gang’s campaign of violence. Play your part before Siege of Orison ends on February 5th.

Click here for all the info you need to survive the Nine Tails gang’s campaign of violence, including a mission rundown and tips from the designers themselves.

Weekly Shows Return

Inside Star Citizen is returning with its first episode that will focus on the feature content of our upcoming Alpha 3.23, with a look at new EVA mechanics and the updated Personal Interaction System.

Star Citizen Live is also back with an All About Alpha 3.23 special where we’ll be discussing the broad scope of work for the next patch.

Bar Citizen World Tour 2024

This year, our Bar Citizen World Tour will continue with our team members visiting local events in your area. We have been in touch with many of the Community Bar Citizen Organizers who have been planning events all around the world, and we are excited to announce that our first stop will be in Barcelona, Spain on February 3rd.

Coramor 2954

Love is in the air as Coramor, our in-lore Valentine’s Day equivalent, returns to Star Citizen this year with some exciting new additions that are sure to win your heart. Participate in our screenshot contest by showing us where you would take your date in the ‘verse, and you could win a vehicle that you’ll absolutely adore.

Red Festival 2954

We are saying goodbye to 2023 and starting 2024 with a fresh adventure at the Red Festival 2954. As is tradition throughout the UEE, the Banu have hidden red envelopes across Stanton and are offering a variety of red and gold ship paints to tempt good fortune in the coming year. 

Fly For Free

Need a few more friendlies on your wing? February brings our latest Free Fly, so let all your prospective pilots know that they can jump into the ‘verse at no cost.

Referral Bonus

To ring in a prosperous new year as part of the Red Festival, we’re inviting you to join in our Lunar New Year 2024 Referral promotion! Our latest referral bonus will give you and the new players you refer a Drake Dragonfly Black, the Red Alert Armor set with undersuit and backpack, plus a shotgun for free!

Jumptown Reopens

The chaotic carnage (or quaint queues) of the community favorite global event returns, so gather your org mates for another foray into Jumptown. 

Keep an eye out for more details as the race for Maze-filled mayhem returns later this month.


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