Things to Do With Your Co-Pilot

Pursuits for Pairs

It’s Coramor season! Whether it’s your partner-in-crime, an org-mate, or your trusty co-pilot, Star Citizen is better together. Ready to jump in, arm-in-arm? We’ve put together a few tips and activities below that can be done with a co-pilot by your side.

It Hurts to Be Unprepared

The ‘verse is a dangerous place, so make sure you’re fully equipped to take on the challenge. Stop by a local hospital in any major city and pick up some MedPens or ParaMed tools before you embark.

Don’t forget food and water too. (Or just a ton of CRUZ Lux, we won’t judge!)


What’s more fun than breaking rocks for their valuable ore? Breaking BIG rocks for their valuable ore. Whether you’re getting a helping hand placing Optimax or harnessing the power of multiple crossed streams, mining can be even more lucrative with a partner.

Before you set out in search of an asteroid or boulder to crack open, swing by a refinery at one of the many Lagrange stations around the ‘verse and pick up some mining gadgets, giving you the upper hand over the toughest and most unstable prospects.

Vehicles We Recommend: The Argo MOLE is the ship of choice for multi-crew mining in Alpha 3.22. Or, grab a pair of Prospectors if you both want to be in the pilot seat!

Check out our Mining Knowledge Base article for more info on this career.


Time to put those Multi-Tools to work. One of the newest career additions to the ‘verse, salvaging derelict vessels of all sizes is a fantastic way to earn cold hard aUEC, and even more so with another set of hands.

Your tractor beam will be your best friend as you pull valuable components from their mounts, and this process goes much faster if you have two people moving parts to your cargo bay. Not to mention that two beams are better than one as you scrape the hulls and disintegrate the frames into commodities you can sell.

Vehicles We Recommend: The Aegis Reclaimer is the flagship multi-crew salvage vessel of the ‘verse, but a pair of Drake Vultures will do the job just as well.

Check out our Salvage & Repair Guide for more info on this career.

Bounty Hunting

As you progress through the ranks of the Bounty Hunter’s Guild, the contracts available to you become increasingly harder to take down. Fight fire with fire and bring a co-pilot to lay down the law on the ne’er-do-wells of the Stanton system.

Vehicles We Recommend: Heavy fighters such as the RSI Scorpius or the Anvil Hurricane are perfect for two-player takedowns of the toughest bounties. Small multi-crew ships like the Drake Cutlass are also a great choice here, as some bounties potentially have valuables in their holds that you can “confiscate.”

Mercenary Missions

Want to clean up a different kind of mess? Mercenary jobs can be tough, but it helps when you know someone has your back. From clearing out bunkers to liberating settlements, these missions are action-packed and full of loot to bring home.

Some of the most exciting missions take place in the skies of Crusader and involve taking on entrenched Nine Tails forces. To gain access to these missions, look for the Crusader Security Assessment mission in the Mercenary tab of your Contract Manager. This, along with working missions for Crusader Security, will unlock platform assault missions on Crusader’s various points of interest.

Vehicles We Recommend: A sturdy multi-crew ship is perfect for mercenary missions, so a Crusader Mercury, Drake Cutlass Black, or RSI Constellation Andromeda work well here. Make sure you bring plenty of medical supplies and a healthy helping of personal ordnance as well.

Partners in Crime

What better way to strengthen your bond than to commit crimes against the UEE? Life becomes much harder in the ‘verse with a CrimeStat rating, so why not share it with someone?

There are a few avenues into a life of crime, but one of the most lucrative is the Breach and Steal mission, which has you track down a derelict pirate Reclaimer that’s been seized by local security. The payout is huge, and the ship is full of gear that you can turn a nice profit on at a local fence.

Vehicles We Recommend: Cargo and combat proficiency are vital for a life of piracy, so we recommend the Drake Cutlass, Drake Corsair, or RSI Constellation Andromeda to keep you safe and secure as you take on more and more risk. And, of course, if player-piracy is more your speed, the RSI Mantis is a pirate’s dream for its ability to snare ships out of quantum travel.


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