The Future of BedLogging

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As of writing this, bed logging is currently allowed for one person on a ship, 20-30 kilometers away from any landmarks or OM Markers, and without any interfefence in any sort of way (players near ship at all, whether fighting or idle).

with RL, SM, and Capital ships on the Horizon, will this be changed in any way? If I were to run an Idris it would be a pain to find everyone because they couldn’t bedlog.

Another thing is that when you bedlog near a POI (Brios, Bunkers) you are just taken to the nearest spawnable location.

why cant our ships be moved outside of this range instead of taking us back to a Spawnable Location.

if I log at brios, then push me back away from the area, don’t force me back to seraphim or grim.

I’ve had lots of folks ping me asking to follow up on the main question here, which is fair since I rolled into the topic to clarify a tangential question. We are looking at what we have now and the vision for 1.0 for this feature and many others. The way bed logging works in the game isn’t going to fit that vision, but really more fundamentally bed logging itself doesn’t entirely fit that vision. I don’t want to overly speak to specifics now, but what we want ultimately is to be more ambitious and fundamentally revisit what logging in, persistence, spawning and everything around it. In this new world we’re going to have a drastically different game that has server meshing, persistent habs and hangars, player created bases, multiple solar systems, and more. That said, because of all that it won’t be something you’ll see change in 3.23. On the road to SC 1.0 this is one of many things in the game we are looking at to make sure it is hitting the mark for what the game needs at the vision that CR has.

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