The current metrics for large and medium hangars are inadequate.

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Is there a plan to evaluate the hangar metrics, especially for the medium and large hangar?

HANGAR SIZES (Metres – W x L x H):

XXS : 12x16x6

XS : 24x32x12

S : 48x48x16

M : 56x88x18

L : 72x128x36

XL : 160x272x64

I think M and L hangars should have a slightly longer range to match the increase in size from XXS to S hangars.

Carrack, C2, and now the Spirit would fit much better as a side effect. :slightly_smiling_face:

We are looking at hangar metrics right now because of the push for freight elevators and persistent hangars. No promises on specific, but since we are needing to rework parts of the art anyways it is something we are actively considering.

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