Suitable backpack for Novicov Ascension?

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The Ascension Recolours look really nice. But: Can we please get the corresponding backpack for the Novicov in the matching color? Otherwise it looks “weird”. And the backpack simply belongs with the Novicov!

Greetings :slightly_smiling_face:

The mention of a backpack in the description was a mistake, as we did not intend to offer a backpack with the IAE armor. After chatting with the team though, rather than removing the backpack from the description, we’re going to make it instead.

The Novikov Ascension backpack won’t make it in-game until the new year, as the character team will need to schedule it into one of their upcoming sprints, but we’ll get it done! We’ll also update the description so this is clear. Thanks for flagging! o7

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