Star Citizen Alpha 3.21.1 EPTU.8867388 Patch Notes

Star Citizen Patch 3.21.1

Alpha Patch 3.21.1 has been released to the EPTU, and is now available to test! Patch should now show: VERSION 3.21.1-PTU.8867388.

It is strongly recommended that players delete their USER and Shader folders for the Public client after patching, particularly if you start encountering any odd character graphical issues or crash on loading. The USER folder can be found (in default installations) at C:Program FilesRoberts Space IndustriesStarCitizenPTU. The Shader folders can be found here C:Users%username%AppDataLocalStar Citizen.

Audience: Up To Wave 3 Testers

Database Reset: Yes

Server Regions: US/EU

Long Term Persistence: Enabled

Pledge Copy: Enabled

Starting aUEC: 15,000,000

Testing Focus

System – Security – Ship Trespass Mission – Defend – Data Heist New Player Experience – New Babbage Vehicle Headlight Refactor Tractor Beam – T2 – Vehicle Tractor Beam Crusader C1 Spirit ARGO SRV FPS AI Behavior Integration Siege of Orison Global Event Re-Activation (Playtest tonight shortly after release)

Known Issues

PU – Lorville – Shopping – Kiosks – Shops do not have any items in their inventoryPU – Stanton – Locations / Elevators – Grimhex elevators kill players when entering them from the Main Concourse level Stanton – PU – Graphics – Low resolution textures appear around the PUPU – Shopping / Selling – Consumables / Items – Items can be seen stacked on each other in mid-airPU – MaxLift Tractor Beam – Interactables / Tractor Beam / UI – The 2-handed dedicated tractor beam tool appears in the weapon inventory tab TRACKING – Cubemaps not rendering in New Babbage (and other locations) Crusader Spirit All Variants – all variants – PU – Vehicles – Spirit explodes from any damaged for particular spot damaged on ship regardless of hull health Argo SRV – PU – Vehicles / Insurance Claim – Argo SRV insurance claim is abnormally short PU – Stanton – Ships – ASOP Terminal – Spawning specific ships will cause them to spawn outside of Hangars Multivehicle – PU – Vehicles – When docking at a station the docking arm will not extend PU – Locations / Vehicles – When spawning a ship at a Docking Port, the ship will spawn clipped into the docking port geometry PU – Stanton – New Babbage – NPE – Locations/Design – The player will be stuck in their hab’s bed if they restart the tutorial by quitting to main menu whilst dead, blocking flow Crusader Spirit A1 – PU – Vehicles / Weapons / Components – Missiles – When the Spirit A1 is travelling at high speed, a fired bomb can rip through the ramp and body of the ship and severely damage the ship PU – Stanton – Hurston – Lorville – Locations / Design / AI – Security AI are missing from Teasa Spaceport Customs area Anvil Lightning F8C ALL Variants – Vehicles / EVA – Using EVA to fly into the Cockpit during Zero G will cause the player to gain gravity and fall into the Cockpit Stanton – Backend Services – Service Beacons – After service beacon is abandoned / canceled / declined, player will be unable to receive or accept other service beacons PU – Stanton – Locations / UI – AR Marker showing your assigned hangar does not appear PU – Mission Content – Retrieve Consignment – Datapad is blank / no code is displayed

Feature Updates


Adjusted gloss values of screens around Area18 and Grimhex to eliminate strong glare and improve screen readability New Babbage Signage Art Polish Pass Seraphim Station Exterior Lighting Polish Pass


Tractor Beam Gameplay Updates

Implemented new dedicated tractor beam UI. Added target distance indicator, added Range Bar, added time transitions to bars. UI fixes for max angle, deflection, and stats. Temporarily Updated Salvage Mission Ships to Not be Tractorable.

AI Ship Cargo Manifest Balance Changes

Re-balancing the cargo amounts and types that spawn inside derelict and AI ships in the PU using a new distribution algorithm.

Ships and Vehicles

Ship Mass Balance (Part 1)

Tumbril Nova, Corsair, Vanguard, Caterpillar, Mole, Raft, and Star Runners have all had a balance pass on their actual masses in the universe.

Bug Fixes

Fixed – TRACKING – Siege of Orison Killing Ninetails Sympathizer gives CS Fixed – PU – Stanton – SOO – Mission Content / AI – Some AI do not leave their spawn closets Fixed – PU – Stanton – SOO – AI / Mission Content – Hostile AI Ships unstream shortly after spawning Fixed – PU – Stanton – SOO – Mission Content / Vehicles – Players are able to manually deactivate the self destruct sequence on the seige ships when flying too far from the event Fixed – PU – Stanton – SOO – Mission Content / Locations – Datapad will fall through floor when placed in Garcia Greens Fixed – PU – Stanton – Ships – ASOP Terminal – Spawning specific ships will cause them to spawn outside of Hangars Fixed – F8C main thrusters sounds not working Fixed – Data Heist – AI reinforcements not arriving as intended Fixed – PU – Stanton – Data Heist – Mission Content – Server closest to the mainframe (S-594) will indefinitely halt the upload if disconnected Fixed – Stanton – Spawn Closet – Mission Content / AI – Enemy AI can spawn out of bounds of their intended spawn points Fixed – PU – Lorville – Room System / Actor / Locations – Room System does not protect player actor from extreme weather conditions in Lorville Interiors Fixed – PU – Tractor Beam / Components / Vehicles – Removing a Vehicle Tractor Beam off of ships using a Multitool Tractor beam leaves the Vehicle Tractor Beam unmanipulable & non-functioning Fixed – Drake Caterpillar ALL Variants – PU – Vehicles – Tractor beam – The tractor beam object component has noticeable LOD transitions when the player is nearby Fixed an issue allowing players to use tractor beams to move small ships while their shields are still enabled Fixed – Crusader Spirit C1 – PU – Vehicles – Art / GFX – Decals – The A1 nameplate logo appears on the left side of the C1 variant Fixed – HoverQuad – Stanton – Vehicles / Locations – The vehicle spawns slightly stuck in the ground Fixed – Stanton – Shopping Kiosk – Live Fire Weapons / Kiosks – UI – The quantity multiplier will remain blank Fixed – PU – Stanton – NPE – Mission Content / Interactables / Actor Feature – During the New Player Experience Tutorial, picking up the Helmet Objective will cause the player to be unable to look around Fixed – PU – MaxLift Tractor Beam – Character / Interactables / Tractor Beam – Left hand of female character do not hold the 2-handed dedicated tractor beam correctly Put in multiple fixes to help player corpses falling through planet surfaces when falling at speed


Fixed 3 Client Crashes Fixed 5 Server Crashes Server Performance Optimizations for Ship Debris

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