St. Patrick’s Day 2024 – Feeling Lucky?

Risky Business

This time of year, from Banshee to Horus, you can feel a manic tension creep across the ‘verse. Trigger fingers start getting itchy, credits begin igniting fires within pockets, and every risk-taker, daredevil, and intrepid adventurer the galaxy over feels the urge to put it all on the line.

Stella Fortuna is upon us once more. Take your chance, make your mark. What have you got to lose?

Defy the Odds

Take control of the ‘verse’s fastest ships and see how
you stack up against the system’s top racers. Think
you can hang with the best?
We’ll see you on the track.

Duke it Out

Get behind the stick of a true bruiser and test
your mettle against like-minded psychos prowling
the galaxy looking to pick a fight.

Green Machines

The Fury, Razor, and mighty Hercules go green this year, joining the likes of the Mercury, 400i, 600i, Hammerhead, Vanguard, and Redeemer, enveloped by the luck of the season and a sparkling emerald Fortuna paint scheme. 

The Green Team

Get your Arena Commander crew together for a little Stella Fortuna-themed Team Elimination. Punks can find out once and for all if they truly feel lucky (well, do you?), and the top three players of the winning team will earn a special Stella Fortuna ’54 Coin.

Go Green!

This spirited community contest challenges you to create a banner or pennant supporting your favorite team, be that literal or figurative, in the arenas of combat and racing. The top banner in each category will win appropriate prizes, with a third wild-card award going to the banner maker that employs the most fate-defying use of materials in their design.

Limited-Time Fortuna Paints

Visit for details.

Fortuna Ship Packs

Visit for details.

Stock-Limited Offers

Legendary Fortuna ships return, including the stock-limited Constellation Phoenix Emerald. These packs will be released in three waves:

Wave 1: March 13 – 1600 UTC

Wave 2: March 14 – 0000 UTC

Wave 3: March 14 – 0800 UTC

Visit for details.


RSI Store promotion. Visit for details.




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