Speed Limiter vs Thrust Limiter

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Hi @YogiKlatt-CIG , another flight model question.

I use joysticks, and noticed that when flying in SCM, my thrust output is scaled proportionally to my SCM limit (i.e., SCM doesn’t just limit my top speed, it also scales down my max acceleration as well).

In a Reclaimer, that’s a problem. The thing is a pig to fly in atmo. Using SCM reduces my available thrust output, negatively impacting my ability to maintain altitude, and risks “rapid unplanned disassembly”. BUT, turning it off makes it hard to control lateral velocity – it’s too easy to move too quickly, especially forward.

What I need is to be able to do is still access full, unscaled thrust, but still use SCM to control my max possible speed. So in a Gladius, if I want to set my SCM to 5 m/s sec I can, and still pull 20g’s+ until I reach that speed.

There is a keybinding to adjust thrust limit, separate to the SCM limit, however this seems to only work one way – I can have a high SCM with low thrust output, but NOT the other way around. To be honest, I’m not sure how much the thrust limiter would even be used by players (not sure if you have access to data that might show this?)

The Reclaimer is the most obvious example that comes to mind where this would be handy, but I’m sure there would be other situations as well.

Yogi – are you able to comment on if a “max thrust/capped max velocity” is feasible?

PLAYERS – can you share your thoughts on this – is this an issue for you as well? Is this a feature you feel would be useful as a pilot? Are there other situations beyond the Reclaimer that come to mind?

In general the speed limiter does not the acceleration … what we have though is so-called “ramp-down-jerk” which scales the accelerations down once you get close to your goal speed. The amount varies by ship and we will not remove that because it smoothes the movement out.

However some ships are tuned a bit too strong in that regard where the jerk value is too low so that it actually affects the intended tuning. But we’re currently overhauling all tuning values for the MM patch so we’ll look at those as well.

So you will not be able access 20Gs from 0 to 5 m/s … in your case the acceleration would last for 30 ms which is less two frames at 60 fps.

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