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This guy made some points I never considered about how “realistic” radio chatter sounds, specifically for fighter pilots. I’m posting it here since he used the SQ42 intro to make his points and even made his own recreation to drive his point home. Nice video, fairly relevant for a fighter pilot game like SQ42.

I recommend y’all watch but if you don’t, a quick summary: talking on the radio isn’t really like being on a phone call. Pilots on the radio are often bored, busy with other things, and more concise/to the point. Almost like they’d rather not be talking at all.

He gave some advice that voice actors when acting out a role that is constantly performing a complex task like flying an aircraft should have something to do in the sound booth to replicate the feeling of being busy while talking.

I’m not asking CIG to re-record hours of audio footage, just something to maybe keep an ear out for.

You’ve covered a lot of valid points regarding why a more casual-sounding radio conversation might be favored between two pilots in certain scenes. This could be due to cinematic reasons, or perhaps the situation itself is more relaxed.

I appreciate your input and will pass the video on to the team. Well-acted radio can certainly enhance the atmosphere, but it’s important to strike a balance between realism and fun, depending on the situation.

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