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Hi @YogiKlatt-CIG ,

I spend a lot of time salvaging, and quite often the contracts I get send me to the LaGrange stations where I might have to travel 100km to reach the salvage ship. At the moment I can cruise my Vulture at 700m/s through the asteroid fields, so takes a few minutes. With MasterModes coming though, travel speed is significantly reduced, making impulse travel substantially more time consuming.

We have the same problem with bounty missions – sometimes the targetrs might be 200-300km away from the nearest Quantum’able location.

After burners might work, but they’re limited in use and burn extra fuel, I imagine. Could thruster overheating also become a factor?

Quantum boost might be one option, but I believe you’re also looking closely at implementing physicalised Quantum travel. Most salvage contracts are located in asteroid fields, so not sure if Quantum boost will be possible in such a situation (or perhaps possible but not advisable).

I’m wondering if you could share your thoughts on how you’re looking to address these use cases, whether that is through design of the travel system, revamp of the LaGrange locations and/or relocation of salvage contracts. Or are you leaning towards implement the new design first, then analyse the impact on travel times/experience once players have had a chance to experiment with it a bit?

As always, your time and consideration is greatly appreciated.


travel speeds won’t be slower with master modes. The max travel speeds will still be above 1 km/s for most ships.

For longer range travel (from distances like 100 or so km and up) your ship will automatically pick either quantum boosting or quantum travel based on the distance. But that is not tied to master modes but to the new quantum travel experience which will likely be released some time after master modes themselves.

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