Ship mass reduction in ePTU is negatively impacting atmospheric flight speeds

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Jag Hiroshi

I saw recent ship mass reduction for various ships as a positive change because of the increase in hydrogen cruise time. However, in a post discussing this for the MSR, it was brought to my attention by Hof_The_Ardor that atmospheric flight speeds were taking a big hit.

His response to that post is here:

Summary – MSR atmo speed (1000m ArcCorp) has dropped from 243 to 169 m/s (i.e. 30% reduction).

I tested this with the Defender which was changed in a recent ePTU patch using Winner’s Circle at 1000m.


Normal > 363 m/s

Boosted > 560 m/s


Normal > 275 m/s (reduction of 24%)

Boosted > 390 m/s (reduction of 30%)

I don’t know if this was intended, but it’s a real kick in the pants for any ship to take a hit of this magnitude. For the Defender, one of its main virtues was atmospheric flight speed and now it’s gone.

@YogiKlatt-CIG Can you advise whether it’s intended – or should we raise this as an Issue Council report?

EDIT – Just in case:

IC is enough for now, thanks!

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