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To clarify, the “Scan Angle” control (default scroll wheel) appear to properly change the scan angle (letting you get a stronger read with a more focused receiver), and you can see the UI adjust properly in 3.21 now that it’s back. However, the “Ping Angle” controls (default , and . keys) do not seem to work properly at the moment. Even hitting the buttons, the ping is always a 360 degree bubble rather than the adjustable amount it used to be.

In addition to that, apparently some people are reporting sub-targeting only works once a scan or ping is done? Not sure if that’s related or not- just mentioning it since it’s scanning related in case it helps track down whatever bit of code weirdness is happening.

UPDATE: The Ping Angle controls are not only not working in 3.21 PTU, but have now They’re still there in 3.20 LIVE under “Flight – Radar” but are gone in 3.21.

So ping and scan are currently in the process of getting merged, so removing the existing set of ping controls is valid. But that the scan angles don’t work certainly is not. It is possible though that those angle controls do not work if you are outside the scanning operator mode (there are still design considerations which buttons work in which operator mode as we want the amount of re-used buttons high and the amount specific buttons low … e.g. do we want to change gunnery controls if we are not in guns operator mode?). So anyways the whole system is currently in the process of getting changed and quite some stuff from S42 will be ported over. So expect more changes in the future.

As for sub-targeting only being available after a target scan is intended. However I do think that a long charged ping might do the same. Also here though I do not know exactly what the PTU state is.

Sorry I can’t do a deeper dive on this right now, because I am running tight on my Citizencon schedule. :slightly_smiling_face:

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