RSI Arrastra Q&A

Hello everyone!

Do you have questions about the recently revealed RSI Arrastra? Well, now’s your chance to ask!

Tackle the biggest jobs in the farthest reaches of the galaxy with RSI’s flagship deep-space mining rig. Large-scale operations that would traditionally require a vast multi-ship fleet, managing troublesome freelancers, and dealing with government intervention can now be easily handled by a small crew and one ship, providing the crew is skilled and the ship is an Arrastra.

Post your questions in this thread and up-vote the ones you want to see answered the most.

We’ll collect the top questions, present them to the developers, and post the answers in a Q&A Comm-Link soon.

Check out the Arrastra page to learn more.

Question Guidelines

Please read your fellow citizens’ questions first, as someone might’ve already asked your question. Post only ONE question at a time. Replies with more than one question will be removed. You may post as many questions as you’d like as long as they’re in individual replies to the original post. Only post replies to the original post. This is for easy voting and sorting. This thread is not for conversation, nested or otherwise. Replies not following these guidelines will be removed.

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