Roadmap Roundup – March 20, 2024

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I know CIG frowns on “when” questions, so I will try to avoid the obvious “when roadmap update”. (Oops, failed!)

That’s all for this week! No Progress Tracker updates this week as work continues on long-term planning. For further insights into the planning efforts of our production team, we invite you to review the latest Letter From the Chairman:

With all the work that is going into planning out “Star Citizen 1.0 roadmap”, is the progress tracker / public roadmap going to reflect all these changes, so that we see the 1.0 roadmap as well, including all the planned features?

Absolutely correct in your assumption that the Star Citizen 1.0 roadmap is what has prevented a Progress Tracker update. Once its in place, we’ll be updating Progress Tracker accordingly. We’re also exploring a potential shorter-term update to Progress Tracker if the near-future is more solidified sooner.

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